Business incubator startups, based on innovative materials, technologies, programs and ideas
Modeling the pilot production of new products
Implementing and creating a sales system

We analyze and evaluate the feasibility of implementing any of the
Projects from the stage of its technological development to the creation of
pilot production.

More about services Digital Immortality Project

We analyze and give the principal
assessment of the prospects and the relevance of the product in the market of goods and / or services.
We carry out a preliminary patent search for analogs and determine
possibility and prospects of patent protection of the product.

Using our broad opportunities, we attract private investors and
venture funds to finance projects.

Our lawyers will advise on the feasibility of creating a legal entity for the implementation of the Project in an appropriate jurisdiction and the possibility of opening a settlement account to him.

Our experts will advise on the possibility of financing your Project through the ICO.
We will assist in obtaining a license for working with crypto-currencies.
We will carry out ICO with a guarantee of the success of the fees and will consult how to adjust the company's operational activities for the further implementation of the Project.

We will advise you on the legal expertise and the possibility of your Project's participation in the current legislation.
We will carry out legal support for your Project at all stages from the creation of your own block of resources to the release of individual crypto currency.
We recommend that you type and / or individual marketing decisions in the conduct of ICO, as well as the ways of their implementation.

We help to define and fulfill the requirements for the package of documents of the individual procedure KYC.
You will receive an exhaustive consultation of specialists on the utility of your crypto currency and on the passage of the Howey test.

Our work

Today we are conducting six Startups, six promising Projects for absolutely innovative products,
not having analogues in the world today.

Priority Project Digital Immortality

Part One Digital Immortality

Digital Immortality web portal allows you to accumulate and store important information about yourself and your loved ones, record places and events putting them on the map. With the help of this Project you can search for relatives, create a family tree of your line, write your personal story and a story of your family. This story can be supplemented and edited by the User himself or anyone else who has been granted such right by the User.

Information can be bequeathed and transferred for storage to the Digital Heritage database, where it will be open without time and access restrictions based on your digital trigger. The entered data will be saved forever, it is impossible to forget or lose them.

All main life events, best photos and videos, important documents and records are available with a single click, our unique product and a QR code that can be applied to any visible surface.

Digital Immortality – we make history come to life!

Privacy Policy [more…]

Part Two Digital Ontology

The websharing service digital platform for storing and promoting business, science and culture advertising.

The Digital Ontology Portal allows to collect, filter and promote dynamic advertising information online. The automated system operates twenty four seven 365 days a year with minimal use of human recourses. The profile websites of the Portal enable to simultaneously execute online sale of different goods, real estate objects, any kinds of land and water transport. Tourist services and catering, leisure and entertainment services can be formed and presented in the unique online travel guide for tourists and the handbook for local residents.

The Digital Ontology Portal allows to promptly create cumulative databases for labeling luxury goods in order to prevent trade in counterfeit goods, including pharmaceutical products.

Dynamic and targeted forms of advertising promotion have been made possible by the unique software we created which uses the QR code as a marking tool.

The Digital Ontology Portal also offers a unique option to create custom databases for small settlements, regions and countries. In this case the image is rendered using the QR code that is applied to the geographic contours of the territory of a region or a country. Advertising information regarding all historical monuments and sights as well as enterprises of the settlement, region or country will be encoded inside one graphic image – digital logo.

How can the digital logo be used and what is it for?

The logo gives the opportunity to advertise and promote goods and services produced in a particular region or country, creating an overall picture of intellectual and production potential in the field of science, culture and tourism.

The QR code serves both as a rendering mechanism and reliable protection of all achievements, goods and services against unauthorized copying or plagiarism, at the same time it is a creative advertising in foreign and domestic markets. The specified set of measures will contribute to the economic growth of the region, investment inflow, creation of new jobs, increase in income and quality of life of each resident individually and hence increase in the well-being of the entire region or country as a whole!

The advantages of the applied websharing concept are undeniable and obvious: minimizing advertising costs, minimizing the influence of the human factor in the formation and promotion of advertising information, expansion of the virtual operation mode of all enterprises according to the formula 24/7/365, unlimited increase of specialized advertising space, creation of B2C environment for all users, which will determine the exclusive targeting of online advertising. Thus, all these solutions will significantly increase customer flows and the volume of sales of goods and services.

All visual graphic solutions and the sequence of all operations performed, their novelty and originality are protected by EU patents and utility model certificates, at the moment there are already 33 of them.

The Digital Ontology Portal – the future is already here!

Projects are being completed.

The first Project is a project of production of the newest and world’s first means of active plant protection – electromagnetic resonator ER-1 or ERone. In the last three years our team has created, patented (please find a copy of the patent in the attachment), tested and created a laboratory (experimental) production of electromagnetic resonator ERone (please find the photos in the attachment). To date, more than 1000 such products have been produced and successfully tested. The project of creating production and realization of electromagnetic resonator ERone – the world’s first active plant protection means combines advanced technologies at the intersection of knowledge and discoveries of the three sciences: physics, chemistry and biology in the field of active environmental protection.

The electromagnetic resonator proposed for production has been created, manufactured, patented and successfully tested on the territory of the European Union (Estonia, Spain, Portugal) as well as in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (Ukraine and Russia).

There are no analogues of newly created electromagnetic resonator ERone at the moment. The Project fully uses the ideology of the ongoing EU programme Horizont 2020 – The Framework Programme for Research and Innovation and the existing UN environmental protection programme – UNEP, United Nations Environment Programme. Our goal in this Project is creation of our own small ecologically pure industrial production of ERone from the components partially purchased for that. The Project will be ready to start on the ICO basis in September/October 2021.  [more…]

  In addition to that, we would like to present you our new product developed for crucial fight against pests using the effect of generating and disseminating of flicker noise signal FP-1. The basic component of the product FP-1 is an electric generator of flicker noise, which is a device widely known in engineering, performed by us on the basis of different blocks of modern electronic devices.

The product FP-1 consists of the following main blocks: 

– the information storing block converting wave information from the necessary active substance into electrical signals, 

– the information storing block converting wave information from the necessary active substance into electrical signals, 

– the processor performing general management of functioning of the device,

– the analog to digital converter,

– the emitter. 
The product FP-1 is managed from a distance using a bluetooth connection via personal computer or any other gadget having access to the Internet. One such device can be used for protection of up to one hundred trees. The device is autonomous and runs on solar power.[more…]
[Kurzbeschreibung der FP-1 Technologie…] [Brève description du fonctionnement du FP-1…]

The second Project is a project on creation of production and realization of a glucose meter for remote measuring of blood sugar level. The working title of the Project is, for the time being, Glucose Meter and it is characterized by its own unique innovative technology having no analogues in the world today and by remote measurement of blood sugar level developed by our partners (a group of medical scientists). This Project and the product itself – a glucose meter has actively been developed and improved by a group of our partners – medical scientists and successfully tested in scientific research institutes and medical institutions for more than four years. Our goal in this Project is creation of a small ecologically pure production (together with our partners) of the glucose meter from the components partially purchased for that. The Project will be ready to start on the ICO basis in March/April 2022.

The third Project is a project on creation of a vacuum cleaner of the new type construction without a filter, for washing of fountains, mini pools and saunas, in the construction of which water containers are used. It is our own project. Now it is in the phase of making of an experimental sample and patenting of the working construction itself. The Project will be ready to start on the ICO basis in February/March 2022.

The fourth Project – a project on production of lightweight garden furniture, of original and universal constructions with increased wear resistance and lifespan increased by several times, our partner and we have not yet been able to develop a common understanding. There is no shared vision of the very creation and promotion of this project. It is possible that the project will be withdrawn.

The fifth Project – a project on creation of a power extension cord of original construction “Amigo-25” and “Amigo-40”, which thanks to its original design can move with the powertrain connected to it up to a distance of 25 metres and 40 metres, on the ground and any type of hard surface. Now the Project is in the phase of making of an experimental sample and patenting of the construction. Our goal in this Project is creation of a small ecologically pure industrial production from the components we purchase. The Project will be ready to start on the ICO basis in December 2021/January 2022.

The sixth Project is passing full expert evaluation and digital processing of the available information, after which it will be posted on our website. It is a big construction project to create a modern balneal SPA-centre Balneario de Jafre in Catalonia, Spain. This Project is based on the unique healing water spring located 30 kilometres of Zhiron City (airport). The Project will be ready to start on the ICO basis in December 2021/January 2022.



Audit and accounting services
Expert group for certification in Riga
Patent Office TURVAJA OOO
Financial monitoring and implementation of ICO
Forwarding and logistics enterprise
Translation agency
Insurance Company


“Electromagnetic Resonator ER-1 as Means of Active Plant Protection”

News bulletin - The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (November, 2018)

(read more...)

“Tesla’ Inventions at the Basis of the Innovative Product ER-1”

VESTNIK - The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (November, 2018)
(read more...)

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