Short Description of FP-1 Action Technology

FP-1 – the newest way to combat garden pests

The need to continuously raise productivity in agro-industry with limited labour and financial resources constantly makes us keep the path of increased use of the named resources as well as of the most basic resource – land, raising stand density and yields. All of this results in a dramatic increase of vulnerability of crops to the impact of harmful elements.

In particular, it leads to the increase of potential damage from garden diseases and various insect pests. The traditional chemical plant protection is quite costly, but, which is more important, its heavy use eventually results in decline in product quality and/or even may make products not complying with the food standards. Besides that, irreparable damage is caused to the environment. 

All that makes the researchers look for alternative „soft“ plant protection methods, which would not be based on the actual physical destruction of living organisms – pests exclusively with the help of chemicals. 

Our analysis has shown that upon protecting plants from harmful living organisms it is possible to do without directly applying effects deadly or disagreeable for them. It is enough to provide continuous transmission of information of such effects (pesticides, for instance) in the form of electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency. Insects or any other pests perceive this information „on subconscious level“ and try either to leave the exposed area,  where possible, or to reduce their vital activity/breeding. That results in significant reduction in effect of pests on any cultural plants or ornamentals or in its complete cessation. 

To translate this concept into action we have developed a device for transmission of the needed focused wave information – the flicker cannon FP-1 based on the widely known effect of generating and disseminating flicker noise signals. 

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Picture 1

General view of the device can be seen in Picture 1. Our device consists of a solar battery, a main unit and a pillar.  

The device runs round the clock on solar energy with the help of the solar battery, therefore there is no need in bringing a power line to the places of growing of plants or changing batteries. 

The Main Unit consists of the following:

– a storage battery charge controller which converts voltage received from the solar battery to voltage suitable for charging the storage battery;       

– a storage battery storing power received from the solar battery and securing working of the device during the dark hours or cloudy weather (up to 36 hours);

– a computer with a storage device securing continuous reproduction of wave information entered by the manufacturer;

– an amplifier increasing the signal from the computer up to the level needed to power the two closed loops placed around the plants to generate electromagnetic fields.         

Wave information is reproduced in a certain sonic frequency range programmed by the manufacturer which eliminates any emission to the distance beyond 1-2 m from the service area. Wattage transmitted by the device to the loops does not exceed 1-2 W. Both the wave information transmitted and the wattage of FP-1 used by that are, in terms of performance specifications, far below any known mobile device or gadget and therefore absolutely harmless for both the environment and man.

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Picture 2

The general scheme of using the device is shown in Picture 2. Two wire loops connected to the device (Loop 1 and Loop 2) generate a weak variable magnetic field in accordance with the wave information recorded in the device. The loops are placed between the rows of plants so that the power lines of the magnetic field being generated encompass areas which need to be protected. Impact occurs within a short distance, same as in case of NFC technology in any smartphone, the only difference is that in this case the dimensions of the emitter are larger and the radius of influence is larger accordingly.  

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Picture 3

The scheme of weak magnetic fields generated by the device on account of a loop is shown in Picture 3. Loops must be placed between green objects taking into account the peculiarities of the magnetic field being generated so as to secure the needed and sufficient protection area for them.  

Wave information to be entered on the device shall be provided by the supplier upon agreement with the consumer and may vary depending on particular tasks.  

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